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It’s the Bahamas Sea Lion Encounter at Blue Lagoon Island.  Yes! For the first time in The Bahamas, Dolphin Encounters is pleased to offer a thrilling Encounter with California Sea Lions on magnificent Blue Lagoon Island. This kid and family friendly vacation tour during your trip to Nassau, Bahamas  is based on their highly successful and award-winning dolphin interaction programs, the new educational and entertaining Sea Lion Encounter is your chance to experience sea lions live and close-up like never before in a pristine all-natural marine habitat. One of the few programs of this kind in the world, create memories of your Bahamas vacation during this unique adventure!

It all begins with  a 20-minute scenic boat ride through historic Nassau harbour on our high-speed, double-decker catamarans to private Blue Lagoon Island and a short orientation upon arrival, get ready to kiss, hug, feed and play with these affectionate and humorous marine mammals and see the sea lions habitat too. Your Nassau sea lion interaction will take place from specially designed, waist-deep water platforms immersed in the calm, private island lagoon with ten or less guests in your program.

Capture the Moment – The professional on-site photo and video staff and lab will capture your sea lion interaction and have your memorable souvenirs ready before you leave for your convenience.

And that’s not all, after experiencing the sea lions habitat and while still at Blue Lagoon Island, you will also get a chance to observe the fascinating Atlantic bottle nose dolphins in their pristine natural lagoon setting.

The Sea Lion Encounter at Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau, Bahamas is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Don’t miss out on this new exhilarating and educational experience. Space is limited, so reserve today.                   The round-trip boat ride to Blue Lagoon Island is included.

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